Thursday, April 20, 2006

i'M cRaZeE i Th!Nk....

Seriously........... I think I'm CRAZEE!!!!!

I dun knoe y........ I haf a nice walk 2day wif Nana at Stephen's Green Park, then we went 2 Mc'D n get myself d apple pies n twister fries. Then off I went 2 d library. Got myself a nice sit, can't complain no more.

Juz dat.......

My carry marks 4 ALL subjects is really LOW!!!
Damn!!!! I dun even c 2nd class honor...... *sob* *sob* *sob*

Wuts happening 2 me???!!!!! I can't focus, I can't concentrate, I can't sit still, I can't do anything!!! I studied, but I think everything dat go in my head, comes out after dat *sigh*
I'm in BIG trouble!

I can actually imagine mama n ayah calling my FULL name

Farizah Tokiman!!!!!!

N it's damn scary when they did dat k.......... *sob* *sob* *sob*
They rarely call me by my full name. So when they did, it scares me soOoOoo much!

Talking 2 myself as usual :
fAirY!!!!!!!!! Dun b crazee! B strong like u alwiz do! Focus! 4get about everything n every1 4 once! After d exams, u can do EVERYTHING u want n u dun haf 2 care no more about ur studies 4 a while at least.

Seriously I need sum1 2 really push me around. There's alwiz mama n ayah, n also ChAiN who alwiz disturb me (but by doing dat I actually studied a lot more than now). I haf not covered dat much, n time is ticking, n I'm alwiz tired. Either too much sleep, too little sleep, too much walking, not eating d rite foods, trying 2 hard 2 focus, not enuff rest, been sitting 2 much, been sitting 2 long til my back hurts soOo much, too much writting n my hand hurts (I need mama 2 massage me like alwiz *sob* *sob* *sob*). My whole body is hurting me!!!!!!!

I'm getting crazee............... *sigh*

Am I?

-OuT 2 tHiNk-

Damn! Dis thing ask me 2 test connection now!!!! Rase nak baling je laptop nie ngan modem semua dlm longkang!!!!! Bodo! Bodo! Bodo! Giler! Bodo! Giler! Bodo! Mengong!!!! Argh!!!!!!!


ross said...

hey fairy, ross here.dont be so stressed about the tests! sure, its important, but in a few weeks, you will be having fun in the sun, with your best buds and your family...(actually i'm really excited for you)
just concentrate on your studies for a few weeks, and then, for the whole summer, you will be happy in the knowledge that you gave it 100%. al you can do is your best shot, you know.
....and then, just will finish your tests for the will be all happy and will go to dublin airport, get on a plane, and leave all the clouds, and rain, and gloom behind.
so cheer up sweety :)

mynn said...

hey..u sound soo stressed..should take a deep breath and rilex..;)

*on 2nd thought*

adoihh fairy..mynn pon same takot gak ni. huhu.

nways, gudluck fo ur finals kay? ;)