Monday, August 14, 2006

hE's BaCk!!!!! i'M nO LoNgEr aLoNe! Hahahaha....

Hahahahahaaa.... ;)

My bestie Mambe is back! :D He arrived yesterday morning n gave me a surprise call!!!!! I'm glad he's back n safe in 1 piece (Coz of dat London bomb thingy, everyone knoes it!). Now I haf my fren back!, I'm no longer gonna b bored or alone DAT much :P

Can't wait 4 d others 2 come back too!

Roy!!! Mamat!!! Sahak!!! Pok Lah!!! Cepat la balik wei! Ader Mambe n fAirY je nie! X complete lagik !!!! :P :P :P

Owh yeah... Yesterday went shopping wif Baby. She got everything she need n ALL of it was a good buy! BUt yeah.... Tired walking around d city.

N back 2 Mambe, met him already. Had dinner n sum tv-watching wif him. Mane daa org lain nie? Cepat la balik korang!!!!! :P

Humph.... I think I shud call my mom n dad. It's been a few days I guess. Dun worry, I'm no longer DAT homesick. Now dat I haf my usual ppl ;)

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