Tuesday, July 22, 2008

going home... :)

Heya peeps! I'm back with more energy and enthusiasm :)

I have a really good news. Remember I've been blogging about wanting to go home?? Yup! I got myself a return ticket to Malaysia!!!! Yay!!! I'm going back next week for 2 weeks. Isn't it great?!! I'm so excited coz the last time I went back home was summer 2006! That was 2 years ago. Heheheheee.... I've been shopping like a mad girl this past few months (not for myself!). I'm just too excited to go home for holiday, even though it is only for 2 weeks.

*I packed my bags last weekend. tehehehehe....* too excited i guess! * ;)

Anyways, enough about that. It is someone's birthday today. Hurmm... Who is the birthday girl?

I hope you have a good celebration with your love ones *wink* and wishing you lots of happiness and smiles. You have been a good friend to me and others too. You are definitely a star! Love you to bits! Muaxxxxx!!!!!
p/s: I just noticed that I didn't update my blog that much nowdays.... I wonder why...


DeLinn said...

welcome home fairy!!

sure seronok nih hehehehe

Fuzzie said...

Ha ha ha ....we all miz ya a lot too. Dah start saving money to belanja makan for our one and only! This time hope your jetlag improve since 2006! No more sleeping 24hrs k...coz the very day your leg touch KLIA its gonna be party and eating all the time.

Love you ...

fAirY said...

memang tgh sgt happy :)

Did i just read the word party? n eating food? goshhh!!! it's like heaven! hehehee...