Wednesday, January 30, 2008

VERY angry


I have so much anger in me right now! And I can blow any seconds!



shle3pyb4by said...

hey babe! ;)
what's up?!! hehehe... chill, chill!! talk to you soon! :)

Lord Budak said...

Anger is just state of mind. Choose to relax and calm and sure you'll be in peace.

Get chillllllllllllll fairy

fAirY said...


Gee-Thanx for the great weekend! :D

Lord Budak- Thanx! I'm in peace now ;) Happy that everything is going to be ok from now on.

yanny said...

hi fairyyyyyy!!!!
dont blow!!!! try shopping, u'll feel a lot better...i noe i do :)

fAirY said...

hehehehee.. You are so right miss YannY! I will go out for shopping session with my girlz once the probs settle! XD