Monday, January 21, 2008

F.U.N! ;)

My weekend was great!!! :D Eventho the weather was very gloomy! Heheheee..

On Saturday, me and Akma went for her another job-hunting session around Grafton Street and Henry Street. SALES is still everywhere!!!!!! Gosh!!! believe it or not, I managed to keep my purse in my bag allll the time! No money was spend on Saturday except on food. Yummy!

Had Mc'D for brunch, so boring.... I hate fastfood nowdays...

Met Aisyah, Wahid and Adik for Debenhams shopping session! hahahahahaaa... The girlz shop like crazee! But seriously, everything was so cheap and worth every euros :) Yup, I didn't buy anything (good girl) :P

We went to Han Yang, a korean restaurant which serves yummylicious korean food, and we spend hours in there eating and talking and laughing. Then we move to Lemon Jelly for coffee and cakes! Hot chocolate for me :D More talking and laughing, hahahahahaaa.... Off to my place for short DVD session, we watched Lizard Woman. I don't recommend this movie to anyone! It was not-so-scary-but-more-yucky kind of movie.

It was a great outing with the girls :) We should have more coffee session!

Sunday was a good day as well. Woke up early and I cleaned up my super-messy room. It looks clean, shining and well organize now :D Eventho it is just a single tiny room, I love it to bits! After having my daily shower, called my mom (talk, talk, talk) :P I went to Akma's place. Elina cooked yummylicious blueberry pancakes. This tiny little girl really know how to cook. Lucky Akma to have her as a roomie ;)

Then, me and Akma went to Topshop on Grafton St. to settle some stuff. Looks like they don't have the thing that I want. So we had to go to the Topshop in Dundrum to get it. Off we went to Dundrum. It's been ages since I step my feet in Dundrum Shopping Centre. Too many people in the mall yesterday, and everyone was enjoying the sales. After grabbing my stuff, and some few new other stuff, hahahahaaa... Ok Ok.. Today I did spend some money on something. I bought a Sisley belt and Pull & Bear bag. It was on sale!!! I got them really cheap ;)

And congratulation to Akma for *tut*tut*tut*. She wants me to keep it as a secret! I had too! lol :P Anyway, we got bored and went straight home. Heheheee...

My weekend was well spend ;) Had great outings with the girls, new goodies, Akma's great news and yummylicious food!

I can't wait for Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat this week :D :D :D Nico is coming to Dublin!!!! Yay!


akmaelinda said...

akma?sapa tue?

fAirY said...

ntah laa... ader la minah yg sengal skit tuh :P :P :P