Thursday, January 03, 2008

Morning morning... ;)

Morning people! :)

I'm too lazy to woke up this morning to shower and get my ass to the office. But here I am, being a good girl, I AM IN THE OFFICE! tehehehehee.... With ALL my tiny little strenght, I managed to woke up (after I knocked my alarm clock a couple of time :P) and went to my white shining bathroom and showered.

Walking to the office this morning was hard.... The wind can't stop blowing me away! Crazy Dublin weather! Hahahaaa...

Neway, last night I went out with Akma si gediks! :P I did went to Brown Thomas and most stuff was 50% off! It was suppose to be a good news to me. But it is NOT! ALL the 50% off stuff is either ugly or not my type at all. I'm sad! Nevermind... I'll save more money and get a new season designer bag next month or so.

We had our 3-course meal in Sufi's! Yummylicious! Baked potato with cheese for starter, chicken tandoori pizza for main course and chocolate cake for dessert!!!! Whatelse could I ask for? Heheheheee.... It was a great outing babe! We should do it more often aite? ;)

Now I better get going. Breakfast then work! Til the next entry... XD


akmaelinda said...

yes.sufiz best!tapi kan,kalu evday,i brokeeeeee..hahaha.kena keja then evday pegi tak per:)

fAirY said...

hahhahahaa... kalau i pg everyday pon broke! :P