Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Girlz Trip!

It was the best Girlz trip ever! :)

I don't know where to start..... Geezzzz... I think I'll list down what, when, where and who.

  • We crashed at Nadia's place
  • We and the Londoners throw a surprise birthday party for P'e on Sunday 23rd
  • I met my friends! :) and make new ones
  • Me and Nadia became the unqualified tourist guide for Nana and Akma. Tehehehee....
  • Xmas day was a sleep+eat+gossips day.
  • Boxing Day was very tiring for me. I didn't shop much. There's too many people crashing every shop!
  • Dinner, hanging out, shopping and joking around with Usop and Ali was fun

I guess that's it!!!! My super short and sweet entry :P


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