Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The no. 5 :)

5 things in my bag:
  • Purse
  • handphone
  • umbrella
  • medicine
  • house keys

5 things in my wallet:
  • GNIB card, it's the National Identity Card for non-EU in Ireland
  • ATM card
  • Credit card
  • Expired student card(s), hahahahaaa... LOTS of it!
  • and no euros?? Damn! I'm broke!

5 favourite things in my bedroom:
  • My comfy bed
  • 2 BIG wardrobe FULL of my goodies :P
  • my laptop
  • my teddies (esp CoCo!!!)
  • my pink moo-moo slipper.

5 things I wish to do :
  • I wish for a long holiday with HIM around the world :)
  • I wish I could meet my mom and dad soon. Missing them too much!
  • I wish I'm home now and not stuck in the office doing THIS!
  • I wish it's not raining now coz it's going to be a hard-wet-walk back home (It's raining HEAVILY RIGHT NOW!)
  • I wish to be happy for as long as I live :)

5 things I’m doing now :
  • Doing THIS! lol
  • Listening to my boss discussing some development budget issues with a co-worker. How boring?!!!
  • Looking out the window and worry about how WET I'll be when I reach home an hour from now.
  • Trying to look busy infront of the boss :P teheheheee...
  • My mind can't stop from thinking about FOOD! I'm cooking 2nite!!! XD

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