Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Goodbye my 'friend'

I've been quiet since my last mini vacation post (which only include pics of me, no writing whatsoever). I just don't feel like writing nowdays. The mini vacation is to put my mind at ease for a while. Which helps a little. I had fun with Muntaz, and Frankfurt is beautiful.

And why I don't blog that much?

I'm kinda lost of words... There are too many things to tell. But I don't think it is appropriate for me to blog it in here. But I lost another 'friend'. How? Let just say, I will never ever believe any of my friends regarding money, not anymore. There! I said it! Never ever show your face to me ever again. Don't call/text me. (I know you read my blog,so here is a msg for you). It has been months since it happen, and I'm letting the issue go away now...

Goodbye so-called-lying-bitchy-'friend'. I hope you are happy with your fantasy life.

1 comment:

Akmaelinda said...

bye from me too.hahhahaa;p

babe.update blog laaaaa..