Tuesday, December 23, 2008

my 2008

2008 is ending. 2009 is coming. I have been wanting to do this post for quite sometime. It is the fortunate/unfortunate events that happened to me in 2008. I wish 2009 will be better and happier for me :)

One of my housemate moved out giving me less than 2 days noticed. I was shocked and hurt at the same time. But life goes on... Trying to figure out how and where to get the money to pay the Feb rental. The saddest thing is not she-moved-out, but more like she-did-not-tell-me-at-all. I guess the friendship never matters to her. I have to move on...

I had to forked out money from my savings to pay the rental. I was worried that I don't have enough cash to pay my tuition fees. But my company is very generous, they offered to pay my fees. Yay! :) I guess everything happened for a reason.

I was busy with classes and work. Had the worst fever ever! I was on MC for a week! And Nico left for MiddleEast. He got a better job there, and I'm happy for him :)

The new housemate arrived at last! She is very nice and friendly. This is the month where my financial is back to normal.

I turned 24 on 30th May.

Exam!!!! hahaha...
I went to Glasgow for few days with Muntaz (my new housemate). She was great fun :) Get to know her better during the trip.
I met Nico in London for less than 24 hours!, after 3 months not seeing each other. He bought me the best b'day pressie ever!
My bos quits the company, he got a better job. He was the best bos ever! He teached me a lot and I wished him good luck on the new job.

I bought the ticket to Malaysia in the very last minute! Eventhough it was very expensive, it was worth every cents. I did my shopping and I was very very broke! tehehehee...

I was in KL for 2 weeks, and it was the best! It has been 2 years since I last went back. Nico was in KL too. We had meet-the-parent-session. Hehehe....
I got back to Dublin, and I got the worst news ever! I was cheated by my other housemate. She was a good liar I guess. I was trying to stay strong for my own sake! But thanks to mr.landlord who helped me a lot during this time, and also Muntaz. We survived.

I got 2 new housemates. Rina and Dila. They are nice, and I like them :)
We went for a housemate trip to Kildare Village, and it was fun!
Oh yeah... It was the fasting month too...

Happy Eid to all the muslims! I was working half day on first Eid. I cooked Soto Ayam with the help of my housemates. And it was delicious!!! :D But not as good as my mom's (obviously!).
We (me and Muntaz) went to Frankfurt for a mini-break. Just to clear our minds and have some fun, after all that we been through for the past 2 months.
I went to London again to meet Nico :)

I can't remember if there was anything important happened this month. But what I do remember, I'm deleting all the memories of her. I hope she's happy with her life which is full of lies...

Exam again! Hahaha...
Nico was here for 9 days. I got a pressie from him :) It was nice and I got to spend more time with him.
P'e came all the way from Sheffield to visit me. It was a fun weekend for us. It's been a year since we last hang out together. He is a great friend, and hopefully we will still be in future.
Rina family is here. This mean yummy food served by the mom every day! :D Thanks aunty!
Hani went back for good. I missed her already...
Xmas Party
Xmas Eve Party for the employees kids (I don't have any kids, but I'm the organizer)
I've been invited to a pot luck! I need to figure out what to bring!
Ice skating maybe?

I guess that's it. I'm hoping that 2009 will be a better year for me. I also hope that everyone should stop assuming that they know what happened in my life, when they have no idea what I've been through. I lost 2 of my good friends, but I don't have any regrets. I wished them all the best in life.

Neways, I'm very happy to have the chance knowing Muntaz, Rina and Dila because they are great fun :) I'm also happy to have Akma who is there for me as a friend. I hope our friendship will grow stronger and thicker by the year.

Goodbye 2008...

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