Thursday, September 11, 2008


Nope. I haven't found out how or where to get the Laksa Johor that I've been craving this past few days. I'll call my mom and ask her how to do it later. I saw her making it few weeks back when I was in M'sia. It looks difficult! Or is it just my imagination? Hahahaa... FYI, I don't really cook. So my cooking skills (if there is any..) is very very limited :p

I can't wait to get my yearly kuih raya Fedex to me next week! Dad said that he's going to arrange for the pick-up on Monday. Yay! So I don't have to bake my own cakes and cookies for Raya. Errrr..... Ok. I have to admit that I never bake a cake before. Oh yeah.. Once when I was in High School for a cooking project. I think I bake it, or is it my friend? Hahahaaa...

But I always bake my own Chocolate Chip cookies during Raya with the help of my bro. I pour all the ingredients into a big bowl (under my mom's supervision!), then my bro will mix it, and I'll do the round shapes on the oven plates (whatever it is..) and put it in the oven. Hahaa.. Easy peasy measy.... ;)

Neways... I'm sooooo looking forward for the mini trip with the girlz next weekend! :) fun fun fun!


Anonymous said...

feri laksa johor agak senang gak la nk buat kalau crave sgt tu g website alaf 21 for the recipe... kire senang gak la nk ikut... sbb sendiri dh penah buat..


fAirY said...

really??? hehehe.. my mom pon ada bg recipe. but mcm susah je nk buat. i'll try n do it during raya month. thx! :)