Friday, June 15, 2007

I shud write a book!

I think I shud write a book! A book on 'Unlucky people during rainy days!!!!'

I'm alwiz unlucky during rainy days! I broke my 9th umbrella 2day! AGAIN! Neway it's not mine. It's Nana's! I knoe she's gonna scream at me for broking her 4th or 5th umbrella? I lost count!

I broke at least 5 of my own umbrella. I juz never haf luck wif umbrella here in Dublin! D rains n winds making my umbrella becomes a squash mushroom! mayb I shud really write dat book! It's a survival kit thingy 4 Dubliners.

1. Do not buy those cheap umbrella, coz it's gonna b like a squash mushroom, n u will b soaking wet!
2. Do not use ANY sort of umbrella, coz u gonna b soaking WET neway.
3. Do not buy expensive umbrella, coz when it's broken, u feel like u throwing ur money in a garbage can!
4. Do not use umbrella when it's too windy 4 u 2 hold coz it's gonna fly away from u!
5. Do not... Juz dun use d thing called UMBRELLA!!!!!!!

Hahahahahaaaaaaaa............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess all d umbrella manufacturer will hunt 4 me once I got a deal wif book publisher 2 publish d book talking negatively on umbrella!

Mayb all Dubliners shud start buying raincoats instead of umbrella. I saw raincoats in A-Wear, Topshop and also Pennys. I'm gonna get 1 for myself ASAP! Coz I'm so unlucky wif umbrella!

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