Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I'm having a really bad headache rite now. GoSh!!!

I think I need to eat sum heavy food like RICE! I had my last rice dish last Friday. Mayb I juz cud not survive without eating rice eventho I prefer other things 2 eat.

Well..... I'm too lazy too cook and dats d REAL reason on y I'm lack of food in my body. I eat junk foods, n those salads I bought in Spar, instant noodles/foods, n those sandwiches! I can't take it anymore! I need 2 eat heavy stuff 2day.

I need 2 sleep early 2nite. Coz I knoe for sum unknown reason, for d past 6 weeks, whenever I sleep, I'll either woke up at 3am or 5am or both time everyday! Even during weekends!

I'm having headache n feel like banging my head 2 d nearest wall! N it's all bcoz of lack of sleep/rest n lack of healthy food as well! I need 2 re-stock my fridge wif good food instead of junk food. I gotta do it quick!


*Plz dun b sick. I wanna go 2 Liverpool. I need 2 go 2 work. I need myself 2 stay healthy*

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