Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I managed.... :D

Hye peeps!

Last nite I managed 2 eat balanced good food. I ate rice wif chicken curry (cooked n frozen by Nico), sum salads, and egg+mushroom. I sleep at 10pm! I managed 2 do all d stuff dat I said I wud! :D a BIG A plus 4 me! ;)

Neway, remember I did blog about reading The Da Vincci Code? I only read til Chapter 3, then I stop. Wanna know y? Coz I bought 4 new books from d store around d corner near my office. D store is having a closing down sales. So I grab 3 for 2 book deal, and also a book which I got a 30% discount on! Isn't it great? I paid EU24 for 4 brand new books! Eventho d original publication of d book is few yrs back, but wutever... I got a NEW book 2 add 2 my collection XD

I finished reading d 1st book tho ;) It's Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter. It was good. She haf few more titles wif d same characters involved. I wud love 2 search 4 them! Now I'm starting on d 2nd book. Surprisingly I can't remember d book n the author, hummmppphhhh!!!! Probably bcoz I only get tru 2-3 pages n I'm gone into a very deep sleep last nite! :P

Hurmm... Wut a day... Can't do my job coz there's a problem wif d server in USA. I can't access d software. I can't even receive/send e-mails! Wut shud I do? Bored! Bored! Bored!

Can't wait 4 d NTL ppl 2 come over dis Saturday! I wanna watch TV all day long! XD N at least my mashimaro won't b bored during his long holidays. He can watch TV while I'm at work.

I wanna go back now! I wanna watch Manjalara on YouTube. I watched til Episode 19. But Nana told me dat in M'sia it's already Episode 28. Hurmm... I hope hang19 n sue417 will upload Episode 20 onwards fast! I can't wait 2 watch it! It's very addictive! :P

N yeah, I watched Chermin 2 weeks ago in YouTube. It was a good story, juz dat d ghosts is too pweeeetttyyy, not scary at all :P

Haih... Wut other Malay movie is available in YouTube? I really am missing M'sia! I'll go back n do sum research on YouTube 2nite! hehehheeee........

Take care. Muaxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!

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