Monday, April 30, 2007

.... no title :P

2day I feel like blogging but I haf no idea wut 2 put 4 d title. Hehehehehheeee.....

I can't stop smiling since last nite. Sumone special surprise me last nite by coming over 2 visit me n bring me delicious choc cake, cheese cake n 'kueh teow goreng'. Yummy!!!! :D I feel so loved n fat at d same time! Hahahahahhaaa.... Coz I ate 'kueh teow goreng' at 1 o'clock in d morning!!!!! :P Dat special sumone came to surprise me coz I haf my migraine d whole day n I'm moody most of d time. He make me smile n keep on smiling.... :)

Dis morning I woke up late, n start updating my CV. I got an interview dis Wed n I am unprepared! I'll prepare myself 2moro. Reminder 2 myself, prepare prepare n prepare. Insyaallah everything will b okie. Wish me luck peeps!

Hurmmm.... Wut else eh? My brain can't work properly rite now. Everything is mixing like 'air batu campur (ABC)'. Talking about ABC, I misz it! So yummy!!!!! I wish I'm in KL rite now n ordering 1 of those original/special ABC at d mamak stall! If only there's mamak stall here n open til 3am! Heheheheee... A dream which will never come true........ :P

I feel like playing games now. I wanna take a really loooooooooonnnnnngggggggg break after studying juz now. Play sum games n then sleep! :P I'll continue wif my studies 2moro. Another reminder 2 myself, dun 4get 2 study, exam is juz around d corner!

Alrite peeps! Take care n til d next update! ;)

-Love from fAirY-

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