Tuesday, June 13, 2006

JuZ sUmThiNg 2 TeLL :)

Hurmm.... I guess it's time to tell d people here.

D guy in d pic wif me, dats cuteface, d guy I've been blogging 4 quite sumtime. I knew him back in Dec when I was in London. He's not sum guy I juz knew n get 2gether wif. I knew him 4 quite sumtime. N people, plz dun make any assumptions on me+him relationship. Both of us is trying hard 2 make it work. Plus d distances between us, n those people in between. Pray 4 us 2 last as long as we can..... :)

N yeah, my grammar sux. So wut? I'm not a writer. I'm juz 1 of those usual bloggers who's here 4 d fun of it. Dun kill d fun of me writting, n people reading my blogs. If u haf any dislikes on my blog, or mayb u hate me (eventho I dun knoe y), u can alwiz STAY AWAY from my blog. Dat will definitely make u happy rite? :) U dun haf 2 read my blog if u hate me.

Kalau x suke, tapi bace gak, pas2 kutuk2, namenye penyibuk n suke dengki kat org. Betul x? Terase ke si pengutuk? Hehehehehehee......

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