Wednesday, June 28, 2006

LiFe oO0 LiFe....

LiFe OoO0o LiFe....

After 2weeks staying home n spend time wif family, I did start going out :)

Met Dina, haf a drink at N'z. I saw Hadi n Bee. Hadi is in KL too. I tot he postponed his flight. I guess he came back coz it was Bee's b'day on d 25June. Happy B'day Bee!!!! :D

Dat nite I went out wif my sis n her bf, n also Hakim. We went 2 TGV Suria KLCC watched Cars. Wut a funny movie :) It's a cartoon movie. We all love it! :)

Lunch at my sis's fren place. Then off we went 2 KLCC. It's sale rite now. Interesting aite... hehehehe.... I bought a very nice short skirt from MNG. It's worth d money. I won't get DAT price for a MNG skirt in Dublin. So I'm happy :) Had dinner at Dome (our all-time favourite place 2 eat).

I came back home, n Adura came 2 sleepover. Yay!!!! :D :D :D
We had our long-talk-gossips-catching-up thingy :)
We had fun. But it was juz a short time. Hurmm... We shud do it again.

Went out wif Chain to OneUtama. Adura n jep joined us. We watche Fast and Furious 3: Tokyo drift. It was awesome! I like it! :)

Then me n Chain went 2 Subang section 14. Meet up wif Boy n Ar-Bear. Been a while since I last hang out wif d boyz :) We had fun. Boy is so funny... hehehee... N Ar-Bear, thanx 4 coming eventho u looked so damn tired after 1 whole day working.

Came back home. Feel so tired. Sleep st8 away!

Louise called! asked me out 2moro.

Louise a.k.a May Ling, my chinese fren, studied in Scotland :)
Met her at Kinokuniya cafe. Hadi, Bee n 2 of Hadi's frenz was there too. Well, Louise is Hadi's fren who I get 2 knoe in January when she came 2 visit Dublin. I took her n Clament her bf tour Dublin :)

She's going back 2 Aberdeen, Scotland dis Sunday. She invited us 2 her place. N I promised her dat I'll visit her dis year or mayb early next year.

I came back n called my sayang :) Misz him so much!
I did tell him about d promised I made 2 Louise. Lets go sayang! ehehehehee.....
Once I haf d money, I'll visit u Louise ;)

Woke up late. Feel so damn tired. I guess d weather here = HOT, actually suck out my energy. I did went out 4 days st8. So I decided 2 stay home 2day. My bro wanna bring me 2 Low Yatt 2 buy my laptop stuff, but I juz dun haf d mood n energy.

Even Chain asked me 2 bring my nephews n niece 2 OneUtama, 2gether wif his nephew, I said nope. Juz too tired n dun haf d mood. Sorry Chain...

Hurmm...... Where is d ToMaToMaN? Misz chatting wif him.... 4 days, no ym, no skype wif him. At least there's a thing called handphones which helps us a LOT. YeAp! texting n calling each other. Can't wait 2 c him again! Which I dunno when n where..... *sigh*

Well well well BaBy ToMaTo.... Dis is wut u choose. He's d guy u choose 2 b wif. U haf 2 accept d fact dat u guyz r not near wif each other. Accept d fact dat it's a long-distance relationship. I knoe it's ur 1st long-distance relationship, but u promised urself 2 b strong rite? :) U do Love him rite? ;)

Okay..... Yes, I choose 2 b wif him. Yes, I accept d fact dat I'm far from him. Yes, I accept d fact dat it's a long-distance relationship n nothing would change it. Yes, I did promised myself 2 stay strong wif his help :) .

Yes, I do LoVe him.....

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