Friday, August 24, 2007

i feel better today :)

For some unknown reason, I feel better today than last night.

I've finished packing my stuff which includes shirts, skirts, under garments *wink*, hair straightener, toiletries, polka-dots socks!, my Euphoria CK perfume is a must! XD, my PJ's, hurmm... wut else???

Oh! I should bring some earings and my hair clips!!! *NOTE to myself*

Not forgetting my digicam. So I can take lotsa yummy pics :) Come on... I NEVER EVER go to THAT side of Ireland. I'm going to Ennis, Clare (Thats where he's going to live from now on). I might get the chance to visit Limerick as well. It's nearby, like 30min by train. If I'm not mistaken, Galway is also nearby and that beautiful Cliff of Moher!

Oh oh oh.... XD Now I can cheer up myself! Whenever I visit him, it's going to be like a weekend get-away for me! I can visit all the other big towns in Ireland. Good idea.

So, anyone wants to follow me??? ;) You are most welcome.

And one more thing. I just can't wait to start class as usuals! Can you believe it? Is this me blogging??? hehehehhee... I'm so xcited of starting a new class, new subject (not so new, been doing it for the past 3yrs during Degrees). Anyway, me myself just don't get it why I choose to do P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance. I'm NEVER good in audit. But what the heck... :P I'm taking 1 paper for Dec 2007 exam sitting. Just hope I can focus on P7 and Insyaallah pass it! :)

Alritez peeps. I'll update more after the weekend and prob with some yummy pics of me n my bf :) Have fun this weekend and I'm loving the Dublin weather today!


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成Shing said...

Cheer up. Limerick isn't so far away. I've made day trips there before. Incidentally, they were both to the "Cliffs Of Moher"!