Thursday, August 09, 2007

sunshine XD

It's very sunny dis past few days. I love d sunshine! XD

However I'm stuck in my office wif my boss! Doing nothing (coz I don't haf any payments to do), n trying my best to make myself look bz. Hahahahahaa...

Neway, I missed Abg Gie's wedding in Ennis,Clare on Tuesday coz I'm working! Nico went there alone, n he said it was great. Exactly like weddings in Malaysia. They even haf 'pelamin'!!! Can't wait 2 see d pics!

Haihhh.... I'm hungry! I dun feel like eating toast bread, or cereal for b'fast nemore! I want REAL b'fast! I want nasi lemak, roti canai, roti telur, kuih karipap!!!! If only I can have it right now! Nyum nyum! :)

Now I have 2 crack my brain n think of wut I should haf for my brunch! I'm going to get something at 12. Too hungry to even think!

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成Shing said...

The weather isn't meant to stay for the weekend...which is pretty shitty. This is so typical. We have a good week and when the weekend comes, it's crap again.