Monday, August 20, 2007

A TOTALLY f*cked up Monday!

A TOTALLY f*cked up Monday for me!

Woke up late, and it was raining heavily!!!! I was late to the office by 15min! I actually dress-up like a working lady today coz I have meeting with the hotel ppl. I have to cancel the meeting coz I'm in a LOT of pain! N alllllllllllllllll bcoz of PERIOD PAIN! And for some unknown reason, my right hand is swollen!!! My legs feel wobbly (and I'm wearing the stupid boot!)

I'm hungry and haven't had my lunch yet. I'm suppose to have lunch with HIM, but he's at home and decided not to come bcoz of the rain. If only I knew he's not coming, I'll bring lunch from home!

Now I'm in a LOT of pain, hungry and really mad! I feel like .... arghh!!!!


shle3pyb4by said...

babe!! cheer up! no worries okay?! i love you to bits!! *wink*

fAirY said...

thanx Gee.. :)