Thursday, August 23, 2007


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Alritez... Update on the gurlz.

I went to visit them on Tuesday at Naas General Hospital. Adie was still in the same state, unconscious, and they trasfered her to Tallaght Hospital. I only see her for a few seconds coz the doctors were preparing to transfer her at that time. The parents was there as well, juz arrived. They were suppose to operate her legs and some joints which is broken due to the accident. I have no other updates on Adie since then.

As for Hani, she looks ok but she told me she's in pain. Y'day they change her to the normal ward, no more scary ICU. I talked for like 10-15min with her. She still haf the energy to make some jokes with me! :) She's alwiz a fun easy-going person. Her bf was there taking care of her. The parents might be coming this weekend. They can't get their hands on flight tickets!!! It's FULLY BOOKED! Neway, congrats to Hani coz she passed BOTH 3.3 and 3.4! XD I'm so proud of her! She's xcited to register for classes already! Teheheheee...

As for Kerol, Adie's husband, he's in good condition. He have some difficulties to breath on Sunday after the accident. But there's no broken bones or anything.

So thats the updates! I might visit them some time next week. Coz I'm going somewhere this weekend. And it's another story to tell...

I hope and pray for both Adie and Hani to get well soon.

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