Friday, August 03, 2007

Last Weekend?

I feel guilty for not updating on what I did last weekend. Nothing much really... I went clubbing wif Gee on Friday night. It was super fun! It's been quite sometime since my last. We were at the Fraser, city centre with her frenz. Our original plan is to go to Tripod. But we decided to try Fraser (which we never been to). The music was great! The dj is cute! lol... The crowd is wonderful :) I don't mind going there again.

Saturday was fully pack! I had lunch wif Hani n d gurlz at the new Yamamori in city centre. Bigger place, better food, but as usual... pricey! After dat, me n Hani carry on wif our shopping mission! Hahahahahahaaa..... We went to d gurlz new apartment in Jervis Place. I love their new place. It is very homey! I want to go again! I hope next time I come, they'll be cooking for me! Hehehehee... Houz warming gurlz... ;)

As for Sunday, I stayed at home coz I'm too tired walking around town. I watched Emil Emilda at last! It's only 25 episodes. N I like it very much! XD

Well....... Dats my last weekend.... heheheee....

Starting from Monday, I've been sick. I got sore throat, high temperature during night, migraine, etc... like crazy! Since yesterday, I got toothache! My gum is swollen n my teeth feel funny! I can't eat hard food. I'm so hungry!!!!!!! Y am I sick again? I haf to blame it on Dubln's weather. Keep on changing, n my body can't take it nemore.

Wif all d sickness, I dun think I can enjoy my looooooooooooooong weekend. I've been wanting to go to Dundrum Cinema. I wanna watch Transformer, Harry Potter, Bratz, etccc... I want! I want! I want! It's been ages since I last watched movie in cinema! I need more outside entertaiment other than youtube!

P/S:- Watched the Cebu prisoner dance to Thriller, Algorithm march, YMCA, n lots more! They were fantastic!!!!

I'm out!

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