Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My rEsuLt

I'm happy with my result XD Eventhough I only pass paper 3.3 which I xpect to fail. I fail paper 3.4 again! (by 2 marks! 2 marks! gosh!) I hate that paper. I studied like crazee and still fail? I juz dun get it. Thanx to ACCA, paper 3.4 is NO LONGER AVAILABLE! There goes a yr of studying it!

Wutever... I'm happy enough that I can now proceed with a NEW paper. No more repeating the same stuff, dragging myself to class like a zombie :P lol

Oh yeah. bcoz I was so f*cked up y'day morning, I didn't go to Naas and visit Hani n Adie. I'm going today. I hope both of them are feeling better. I'll update more after visiting them.

Alritezzz... Gtg and work work work! :P

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