Friday, August 17, 2007


Another Friday for happy me! XD Yay!!!!!! No more work for 2 whole days! hehehehehee... What should I do this weekend eh?

I got a wedding to attend 2morrow. Oh yeah, two of my classmates are getting married 2morrow. Congratulation to both Isma and Wan (kahwin jugak korang akhirnye!!!!). I have to dig out my baju kurung somewhere in the store 2nite! :P What should I get them for a wedding gift? Hurmmm... I'll think about it later..

Oh yeah.. Surya got an interview on Tuesday. Congratulation to her as well! Hopefully this is THE interview :) I'll go and help her out on Sunday to prepare herself. She's nervous all over! I know she can do it. She's a smart girl! ;)

To Gee...... The girl who's having a BIG crush with a cute guy named .... Good luck 2nite at Fraser! XD

What else? Oh yeah... 2 days ago I watched A Walk To Remember for the 1st time! Can you believe it? lol.. The movie is soo sweet! Very girlish type of movie. I got another dvd title Not Another Teen Movie. Never watched it before. My guess is its a funny hilarious movie. Hope so! :) That's what I need right now.

I gtg and get some breakfast! More work to be done by 5.30pm 2day, and I'm off home happily!!!!! ;)

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