Thursday, August 30, 2007

Instant FOOD!

How good or bad is instant food? Eventhough home-cook-food is a LOT healthier than instants, we still and always rely on instant food. I'm 1 of those peeps who always settle wif instant food. Hehehhehee...

I knoe I knoe.. I got ALL xcited wif cooking last week. And now I'm no longer in the cooking mode. Not bcoz I hate it. Just that, cooking alone is ok. BUT eating alone??? Everynight??? I rather NOT eat at all. I guess I miss him too much... Hurmm.. But I'm gonna try more recipes, so at least I can cook for him everytime I visit him :)

Neway, back to the topic!

I had instant Vegetable Lasagna from Mark & Spencer (M&S) for lunch. It was on sale. Buy 1, get another half price! Good deal eh? ;) They are promoting new Italian instant food. Just pop in your microwave or oven for few minutes, and waaallaaaaa... You are all done! :)

Surprisingly, it was the most delicious instant food ever! Thumbs-up to M&S for providing a good healthy instant food! XD Compared to instant food from Tesco, Spar or Dunnes... M&S did a GREAT job! I sounds like M&S promoter or something, don't I? hehehehhee...

Not only that, I grab the delicious Mini Bites. I just love them! It's only eu10 for 3 tubs! YUP! The promotion is back! XD I also bought the Classic Walnut Whip. It look so yummy I just can't resist to try. And it is yummy!!!! :) Worth my money.

GOSH! M&S is really spoiling their customer! I just love the Food Hall, and will grab everything in there. Love the cereals, milk, tea, crisps, cookies!!! OMG... I gotta stop now or I will not stop saying it! :P

I guess you know why this entry is here. It's all about M&S yummy food that I love! XD hehehehehehehee.....


成Shing said...

Are you sure? Instant Food is generally awful. Now I haven't tried the M&S stuff so I can't really comment on that. But I have heard good reports from other people.

But I know what you mean about cooking and eating alone. It just isn't really worth all the effort. Get some friends over for dinner more.

fAirY said...

Well.. You should try M&S products. They are good, delicious, HEALTHY! Eventho some of it is a bit pricey! Ouch! lol :P

Yup, not worth all the effort. Prob I should invite my friends over for dinner more often :) thx!