Sunday, August 26, 2007

My trip to Ennis, Clare

Heya peeps! I'm back! Well... The good news is I didn't cry at all at the train station. I feel like crying... But somehow I didn't. I'm being a good girl. HIS good girl :) I don't mind the 3 hrs journey on train, or having to change train (need 2 trains to get to Ennis,Clare), or having the chance to see cows and horses on my way to Ennis! :) I took some videos! I'm so xcited looking at the cows and horses. Hehhehehheee.... I know I know... I'm not 5yrs old :P

Neway, to tell you the truth, Ennis is a really really really small town. The first night we arrived which is on Friday night, his friend Shukri drag both of us to the most HIP club in Ennis. It was BIG and I'm impressed with the size. HOWEVER, they have a totally different songs than we used to have in Dublin. And they have the lights on! I mean not completely dark like in Dublin. I was like.... Hahahahahhahaaa........ I can actually see each and every person face! Dancing and singing to the tune!

I was really enjoying myself looking at those Ennis peeps! Me n Nico feel tired, so we didn't dance. We enjoyed ourself by the way, looking at those peeps! :P

On Saturday, I helped him out unpack his stuff. We went to Dunnes Store (which is open 24 hrs!!!). Oh yeah, we went to Dunnes Stores the night we arrived to get some toiletries before we went to his place. How cool is that? Shopping after 9pm??? XD Yeah. I know. It is cool. You have to admit! :)

He rented a single room, sharing the apartment with his friends. His room is as big as mine, but he paid half of what I'm paying! Houses/Apartments/Flats in Ennis is so much cheaper! Later that day he cooked chicken rice and his friend Wan cooked a really to-die-for fish baba nyonya style! I'm so liking it! My mom used to cook it! I feel so fat after eating all those yummy food! Hehehehehee... I'm so very much spoiled by my bf :)

Sunday, which is today, is a slow day for us. Last day before I went back to Dublin. We went to Dunnes Store again! It's like a minute walk from his place :P Bought some room-stuff for him. EVERYTHING is on sale! I'm glad I can help him out with his whole moving thingy.

But I really miss him.... Bcoz I know his not nearby. I'm soooo looking forward for my next visit!


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