Monday, October 02, 2006

iT's BeEn A wHiLe N i MiSz iT...

Yeah... It's been a while since I updated my blog. Lotsa things haf happen. From trying 2 find an apartment wif Bee, Zarl is back in London, moving 2 a new place, etc etc etc.... I dun even knoe wut 2 tell. Coz too many 2 blog about.

Owh yeah. My mom n dad is coming 4 graduation :) Yay! Can't wait 2 c them again! I'm so happy dat they decided 2 come. At least I can tour my OWN family d whole Dublin, instead of touring my frenz or bf :P If only my sis n Hakim can come... Mayb next year sis :)

I'm soOOoOOoo miszing my bf :'(

Lets think of happy tots! My new apartment which I rented 2gether wif Bee n Nana. We all get wut we want! Which is our own sweet room wif our own space. N it's a new apartment. Did I 4get 2 tell u? It's actually on d top floor a.k.a penthouse of d apartment complex :P Yay! Yay! Yay! A BIG SMILE :D :D :D

Neway ppl, I won't b updating much. Coz we haven't put any internet connection at our new home. Til then, take care n haf fun ;)

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