Friday, July 20, 2007


The weather here in Dublin is unpredictable. Yesterday morning it was sunny, and it rains for a while after that. It was all sunny again in d afternoon til night. I'm enjoying d sun wif my bf, walking around Grafton St. (Sale is still going on n ppl r grabbing everything instantly!), there's d usual street performer, d good ones, d bad ones, it's all there. By d way, I bought a really cute n funky shoe yesterday! Can't wait 2 wear it! ;)

Back 2 d weather issue. Dis morning it was raining heavily. N I went 2 office 30 minutes late becoz of dis. I'm waiting 4 d rain 2 slow down. It's not worth it n really annoying walking in a very very heavy rain 2 work in d morning. It will turn off my mood 4 d whole day. N juz 10 minutes ago I saw a hint of hope from d sun shining down. But now it's gone!

Haihhh... What's really happening 2 d weather here? I'm confused myself.

I even got a chance 2 haf an after-work picnic wif my bf on Wednesday. Oh yeah. We haf nice weather on Wed as well. I hope during d weekend d weather will improve. Hope 4 d best!

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