Monday, July 16, 2007

new toys.

I got a new toy! I got a new toy! I got a new toy! XD

I bought a new laptop yesterday! My new toy, my new baby is beautiful! I love it! It is a good bargain for a very good brand. Thanx ayah for d present!

Now I haf 2 laptop. I'm gonna send d old one back home later on. But in d meantime Nico gonna use it 2 play games n stuff. Neway, dats wut he been doing since 4ever! Heheheee.. I can't get hold of it at all. Hahahaa... But it's ok coz now each one of us haf a laptop. So we dun haf 2 fight on who's gotta use it n play games n surf d net n dot dot dot...

I can't wait 2 go home n set up d software n stuff.

I'm out! XD

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