Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Wuts wrong wif gurlz? Hurrmmm... Someone in my YM friend list had his status post as kepade gediks2 semua...get a life bitch!. I wonder which gurlz make him so mad.... I think I knoe who. But no name shud b mention here.

But I'm still wondering..... Is there anything wrong wif gurlz being gurlz? I mean without overdoing it like d chick flicks movie such as Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, Confession of The Drama Queen, etc...?

I guess there are some gurlz who thinks being popular, sexy, vogue, flirtatious (even wif sum1 bf) is d latest trend! Hands off of other gurlz bf! Find ur own! Sometimes I juz dun get it wif dis kinda gurl. Is it like a trend walking around holding hand wif other gurlz bf? Even hugging, being all mushy2, try to look cute/pretty, and at d same time look really cheap! They try waaayyyy to hard! (pity dis kinda gurl, they really shud get a life... haiihhh...)

D guyz probably juz using them coz their gf is not around! I mean long-distance relationship! 1 thing wif guy, they can't reject flirtatious act from very very xtremely flirtatious gurlz. I mean, they get 2 hold hand, kiss, hug n even do a lil bit more without having any commitment or need 2 xpress any emotion like I love u too.

Haihh... I sigh too many times. I pity them! It's like as if they dun haf any pride. Wut they care is being all popular, sexy (which they think make them look prettier than other gurlz), vogue, haf LOTS of guyz 2 haf scandal wif (prob d rich guyz is more prefered!). Sometimes they look too innocent! I tot she's ok! But she's not! Goshh...

I juz hope dis kind of gurlz won't disturb my love life. Or even my frenz love life!

I guess his status is true. They shud get a life other than being bitchy.

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