Monday, July 23, 2007

food wasnt dat bad.. ;)

to think of it again, food wasnt dat bad :P dis is d confession of food lover! heheheheee... i juz love to eat! eat! eat! eat!

malaysian food is d best! its d combination from malay, indian n chinese. d taste is juz so perfect! i misz malaysian food as much as i misz everything else in kl. i misz eating satay, going to mapley n haf mee goreng mamak, haf bbq almost every month wif my family, watch movies at klcc or oneutama or pyramid, shopping in a shopping complex (instead of walking on street full of shops! when its raining, u gonna b stuck in dat shop! dats wut happen to me lorr... :P) .

wutelse? good frenz in m'sia! i misz each one of them. eating either in chillis, dome or nandos wif dura is a must everytime we go out! n'z is d fav place for me n dina. anywhere will do wif naz coz both of us love eating!!!!! eheheheheee... pizza hut, mc'd n sharezma should be wif chain. coffee shops is my fav place wif my sis (shes d bestest fren ever to me), eventho i dun drink coffee :P coffeebean, starbuck n dome! i misz ice choc wif ice cream at dome! gosh! i want one! XD

however, im spoiled by him everytime. i get to eat wutever malaysian food i want. tom yam, nasi ayam, ayam percik, masak lemak, ikan pari bakar, ayam masak merah, kari ayam, daging padprik,nasi tomato,gosh.. n lots more! it taste exactly like my fav! XD im really lucky! i love food, n he's d expert! isnt dat great? ;)

i shud conclude everything now before i talk more about food :P

d conclusion is food wasnt dat bad. eat while u can. dun diet ppl! enjoy d great taste of food!

-fairy is walking away... knowing dat her stomach is full... ;)-

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