Monday, November 30, 2009


It's freezing cold in Dublin for the past few days. Windy, foggy & rainy at the same time. It becomes a nightmare to go outside! Luckily my class finished already, so I don't have to walk a dreadful 30 minutes to college each time.

Lectures ended, revision classes ended.... The real battle is growing closer each day. I'm time-pressured right now. I feel like I need 34 hours each day & NOT 24 hours only! At least I'm no longer sick. But the coldness makes me feel like crawling inside my duvet and just stay in there for the whole winter!

I feel so lucky that I'll be running away from the ever-famous Irish weather soon!!! But I know I'll miss it from time to time. But what the heck! The food back home is a lot better! Thinking of food... my tummy was filled with yummy chicken curry & sambal ikan bilis. A truly classic m'sian dinner cooked by ms.akma :) Thank you for the excessive hospitality from the Tenterfields' girls!

I gotta go and sleep now. It's freezing and my pillows & duvets look so tempting! Goodnight all and sweet dreams!


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