Saturday, December 05, 2009

study study study!!!

Study mode ON! It's been a busy busy busy time of the year for me. It's the exam month! I've been struggling to insert the notes into my brain each day. How I wish I could just boil the notes and drink the water (if the knowledge can be transfer just like that! Hahaha....) Or maybe I can just borrow Elina's brain for my exam? Brilliant! :D

On another issue, I just can't wait to go home :) There are lots of reason why I can't wait!!!

  1. I miss the family hugs, kisses, fights, outings, events, and anything that includes family in it
  2. My friends back home who I've missed out a lot! The 2-times-meeting-in-4-years can't compare to weekly outings! Gosh! I miss you guys badly!!! Make time for meeeeeee...!!!! :)
  3. The F.O.O.D.!!!! I miss the yummy food. (A reminder: Don't be fat!)
  4. My house! My own room! My own bed! I'm so gonna redecorate it to perfection.
  5. To get myself a job! Money! WooOhoOO..... ;)
  6. To meet new people *wink*wink* lolsss...
And a lot more reason which I can't think of right now. Grr.... My mind has been block by my excessive consumption of P7 notes (haha! as if!)

I better go now. Need to fix myself a simple dinner. Fish & Chips anyone? :)


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