Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm officially sick :'( I had sore throat, fever and huge headache!!! Is it because of the tap water I drink yesterday? I can't drink it, but I did. How stupid am I? Hurmmm...

Anyway, I went to watch New Moon with Serene and Anwar (yes, I'm the 3rd wheel!!! haha..), and the movie is as expected. I finished all 4 books of Twilight saga. So I knew what's going to happen. But I'm amazed by Jacob's body! Hotness!!! I guess bye bye Edward for now... hehe...

I had a huge fight with someone today. It really pissed me off! I don't think I can trust that person anymore. A liar will always find ways to lie and cover the truth. Even though there are evidences! I don't need a person like you by my side. Just stop hurting me and go away.

I had a long chat with Serene today,and every time I talked to her, I feel a lot better. She should be a counselor and specialize on relationship problems. She makes me feel better and a lot stronger each day. What will I do without you hot mama! (Oh yeah.. she's happily married to Anwar and pregnant with his baby!). Looking at her... It is possible to be happy. I know that some day, some where, I will meet that special someone like she did.

Oh crap... My headache is getting worst! CK asked me to drink 100Plus. I guess I need to go to Asia Market and get some ASAP. I really need my strength to study for the coming exam! First thing first.. need to get some sleep now. Goodnight all!


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