Friday, April 03, 2009

the truth

I wonder what you told our friend. I should have known what you are gonna tell everyone. That I dump you and I'm always too busy for you. FYI, you dump me! And this is not the first time. Sorry if I have move on and can't take your bullshit anymore. But stop calling our friends and tell them lies. You don't want to be blame, so you blaming me for everything? Oh yeah… I'm the one who's always busy with my work and friends. If I don't work, how the hell am I suppose to survive?!! And friends? I only have few and I barely hang out with them coz I'm always at home waiting for your phone calls or waiting for you to go online (but you never did). I used to stay at home on weekends just to pleased you. Coz I know you don't like the idea of me going out and having fun without you. I never cheated on you and I'm the one who texted you everyday (even though there were no reply at all from you, I keep on texting).

I thought you were the one who's always busy with work? Hang out with friends whenever you got a chance? Even when you got yourself the wireless card, you didn't tell me? I figured it out myself when I saw you online in your room twice. You said you don't wanna tell me stuffs coz you don't want me to worry. And why the hell do you need a girlfriend when you can keep everything to yourself and not share anything with me? It was you who made the decision for both of us. I have no say at all. You dump me whenever you feel like doing it. And you'll call and pretend nothing was wrong everytime. I was stupid enough to just ignore all the things that you said and accept you back again and again. But this time, when I decided enough is enough, you think I dump you.

Hello… Did you forget the text msg you send me at 6 a.m.? I woke up and cried like a crazy girl. Wondering why on earth you did this to me again and again. I cried for 2 days and still no text or phone calls from you. That's when I decided to be strong and move on with my life. I have a good job and lovely friends (who I wish to spend more time with from now on!) and loving family. And when did you realize you were losing me for good? A week and half after that?! I guess it was too late since I already made up my mind. If only you called me earlier, I might forgive you again. But no, it's over this time for good.

So now you are free like a butterfly as you wished.


DeLinn said...

a good one, fairy. a very very good one! proud of you. Move on fairy... :-)

fAirY said...

thanks DeLinn :)

newssuki said...

i'm very touched *spazz a moment* =D
so this is the truth heh?
proud of you gf * hugs* do move on.
remember, we're still here in malaysia waiting for you to come back =)
live well & stay healthy!

Nadirah said...

babe, follow your instincts and you'll be ok. am wishing you inner strength and happiness :)

fAirY said...

thanks dirah :)

fAirY said...

thanks ain. yup, i guess dis is the truth.

i cant wait to go back for hols n hang out wif u gurls. take care aite.