Friday, September 03, 2010

TGIF! :)

It's finally Friday! Sorry for not updating as frequent as I can. I've been super busy at work! A good busy ;) I hate to say this, but I actually love working (don't shoot me!). But I'm glad that it's Friday today, and Eid is just around the corner.

I applied for few days off to celebrate my first Eid with family after sooooo long! I've been celebrating Eid with my friends back in Dublin for 5 times in a row. It was not too bad. But I missed celebrating it with my family :)

Neway... I would like to wish Happy Eid Mubarak to all my friends (wherever you are!) and also to my family. I know it's a week from now. But the festive feeling finally kicks in me today :D I'm wearing my (now) favourite green baju kurung to work.

Oh! Do you like the song I posted previously? You should watch the series! It's a romantic-comedy Korean series You're Beautiful. I love it! Watched it twice already. Hehehee... It's only 16 episodes. Then I watched 'Take Care of The Young Lady'. This series is also romantic-comedy, 16 episodes as well.

But the latest series I'm watching right now is 'Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy'. I have no idea why there's two different titles. But this series have 28 episodes! I never actually watched Korean drama more than 16 episodes coz it's too looonggg.. But I decided to watch this one. A bit slow, but I like it :) I'm now on episode 21 already! Gonna finish it this weekend since I have NO plan other that last-minute-Eid-shopping.

I've always like Korean drama series and the movies. But I'm never good at remembering the actor/actress names. Just love watching it :)

Oh well... What else is new? Hurmm.... Oh yeah! I met my Dubliners friends last Tuesday for iftar. It was a good reunion sort of. Thanks to everyone that came that night! Yana, Chadly, Qusy, Azza, Rina, Dila, Fendi+gf, Akma+friend, Amed, Marina, Aisyah, G-reen, Hani, Serene, Anuar and little Ehsan. We will meet again during Eid ok! ;)

I guess that's it. Have a good weekend!



patriiiX said...

i love Dublin, i went there last year to see one of my fav bands, paramore!!! ^^

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