Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Eid Mubarak!

Happy Eid Mubarak to everyone that celebrates it! How was your Eid? Mine was good. Celebrate it with family after all this years, and it feels good. My Eid usually consists of drama (haha!), and this year is no exception. Oh well... Don't you just love a little bit of drama? hahahaa... Eid pics on my FB.

So most ppl are back from their holiday and starts working today. As for me, I started last Wednesday and the office was almost empty! Even today everyone is still in the holiday-mood.

I can't wait for tonight shopping trip with my bro and wife. I need her advise on stuff that I'm not good at. Haha... That will be beauty tips! :p

What else?! Oh yeah. I open up a Tumblr account for fun. I post quotes from my favourite tv shows, and quotes from random ppl or just anything that is interesting. Follow me if you want :)

fairyliciousss tumblr

Oh yeah... One of my favourite girl came back for 2 weeks holiday! I got to catch-up with her (a.k.a. Suria Razak) last week and it was so much fun! Pics on my FB yeah :) Can't wait for her to come back for good soon! (when?). I guess I'll just have to wait for that time. Hehehe....

Hurmm... What else? Hurmmm.... One of my oldest friend start contacting me again and I'm glad he did. I'm glad that we could still keep in touch. We were bestfriend for like few years before we fell apart for reasons I prefer not to blog about. It's a long time ago and I think we can start fresh again as friends.

And right now I'm thinking to go to JB to visit my friend. Should call him and plan the road trip properly. Need him to book me a hotel or something. Probably I can meet another friend who live in JB too. It's gonna be so much fun! (Note to myself: Plan trip to JB now!)

Oh yeah. Another trip should be plan too. Singapore! And also a shopping trip to Bandung and Jakarta. London in June? or Aussie? Oh goshhh... So many places to go, but limited time and money! NOW I'm depressed! Lolsss...

I think I better stop now before I start blogging about random things in the same post. Bye lovelies!


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