Sunday, September 26, 2010

Food madnessssss!!!!

How's your weekend so far? Mine is going to end in 90mins! Darn! Oh well... Life have to go on. Monday will come eventually.

My weekend is full of FOOD! It's madness! I've been eating this and that over here and there. Eid open-house is superb! Yesterday I went to a friend's open-house, and there were canopies & yummylicious foods and it feels like going to a buffet! I eat almost everything!

At home, my mom cook Soto which is my favorite too! I can't resist it.... Haha...

As for today, me and bro went out to grab pizzas since I've been craving for days already. We got two large pizzas and there's only 4 of us at home (haha!). And my mom again made my favorite dish Laksa Johor for dinner which I can't definitely say no. It's a YES YES YES all the way! :D

This actually sums up my super short weekends which include food, food, food, food and food. I guess I really need to get going with my morning-jog plan (as if! haha!). My stomach is pretty happy this weekend and it's waiting for next weekend already. I have few invitations lined-up already for Saturday and at the moment I'm still free for Sunday ;)

What? My house? Nope. I don't think I'm going to do open-house. Since I can't afford canopies or catering food, I'll need to cook myself (which I'm not an expert). But we never know... BBQ sounds fun right? ;)

Alright that's it. I'm off! Going to fully utilize my remaining minutes of this weekend. Later peeps!


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