Tuesday, August 10, 2010

photos? no?

I juz realized it's been ages since I post photos in my blog. My blog looks so boring!

Reminder to myself: photos on my next post

Neways, just want to wish Happy Ramadhan to all my friends in Malaysia, Dublin and any part of the world. And also Happy Ramadhan to all my blog readers (if there's any? :p). This Ramadhan going to be tough for my friends in Dublin since they have longer hours this year. Hang on there aite.

Oh another thing... Can't wait for Suria to be back home for Ramadhan/Syawal! Missing this girl so badly! I'll bring you to Tony Roma's as you wish ;) and lets do last minute shopping together ok! :D

Gotta go now. A short post is all I planned. Just to kill the free time I have ;)


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joven said...

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