Friday, August 06, 2010

lucky friday? ;)

Hye peeps! It's 3.39pm here in KL and this is the luckiest Friday ever for me! :D

09.00 am - A compliment from dad. He said I looked pretty in Baju Kurung. Hehehehe... This is the 4th time me wearing it since I start working! :p

10.30am - My colleague gave me cash instead of buying me lunch! Haha... I guess I can use the money to get a new top from f21!

11.30am - My first bro is giving me his tiny TV to put in my tiny room. So now I can chill in my room playing my ps2. Can't wait to go home!!! ;)

02.00pm - Lunch date with Chain. Thanks Chain for lunch & helping me out with my cousin. I owe you one! To think about it again, I owe him a lot! Hehe...

03.00pm - Received another gifts from that particular customer. This time he gave me the biggest Strawberries ever (and yummy too!), and Grapes.

Is it possible for my Friday to gets better? YES! YES! YES! Today is the last day of work! Weekends is finally here!!! :D Yippee!!!!

I promised myself that I'm going to watch Inception & Chloe. Oh yeah... I watched Salt last Sunday with Azie and it was amazing!

Ok gotta go and 'work' :D

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