Wednesday, August 04, 2010


At the moment, my life is full of drama. I can make a movie out of it!

To cut a looooong story short, I'll be extra extra extra careful in dating. I can't afford to have another guy zooming in and out of my family home thinking that he have the rights. I'll just stop here. Hope he understand and leave me alone, in peace. And don't bug my parents or any of my siblings anymore. You don't even know me, so what makes you think you know them?

I received pressie from a customer yesterday. This is one of the advantages of my current job. Meet rich people all the time, and if they like you, they'll give you gifts! We got free food almost every week from the dealers. Weekly free food from the office itself. What more can I ask? :)

I think I'll stop here. Can't really blog about the real drama neway. Hope you girls out there have a free-drama life ;)

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