Friday, July 16, 2010

what a week!

Before I start babbling nonsense, I wanna wish Happy Birthday to my dearest Akma. May all your wishes come true :) See you on Sunday ok!

This week has been absolute hell to me! Hell!!!

Work is fine, the usual.

Family is fine too. Happy.

My life other than that is absolute hell! I've been unhappy for quite sometimes over some personal matters. Then I cheer up myself with my lomo babies. That didn't work out well coz my babies are not working properly like I wanted it. Gonna call the expert 2nite & hope he can help! I don't mind meeting him coz I'm dat desperate.

I'm wondering if I'm overly too sensitive. if I ...

- Ok. OMG! Someone send me a bouquet of flowers! Thanx! -

Now I can't carry on blogging. Haha... neways..

I'm wondering if I'm overly sensitive. If I'm the type who can't accept advice from others. If I'm someone who easily got angry. If I ... Hurmm...

Whatever that person said makes me feel angry, mad, I feel like attacking that person and yell, curse. It was just a simple argument & advice session but what that person said makes me feel like I'm an evil bitch, I sank to the lowest rank of human being! I guess I'm too sensitive, am I?!

I can't think now... Even the flowers can't make me smile happily like I should. I'm blank. I'm blur. Help.

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