Thursday, July 22, 2010

sleepless in Melawati...

Sleepless in Melawati? For real?! Hahaha... Yes I love 'Sleepless in Seattle'! It's one of my favourite movie! I'm suckers for love story, so what? :P Well... My love life sucks so I prefer watching love stories to make up for my own lackness of love. Is there such a thing? Hahahaa.. Yeah I sounds lame! Lame! :p

Neways... Last night was a sleepless night for me & I do live in Melawati. I can't sleep properly, having weird dreams. I remember that I was covered by Longchamp bags with Suria. Hahaha!!!! Blame the birthday girl for inserting Longchamp in my mind this past few days. Yeah..


I hope you make a good choice btwn Vivien Westwood heels & Longchamp Limited Edition bag ;)

Where was I? Yeah... Covered by longchamp bags!!! Can you imagine?! Gosh! I want LV in my dream tonight pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee................. :D :D :D

Then mom called me at 4am. Yes we live in the same house but she prefer calling my phone instead of taking the stairs to my room & knock my door. Neways she & dad received bad news. My uncle past away & they need to go back to Johor immediately.

So I continue sleeping (or trying too!!!!) & I continue having weird dreams. I can't really remember.

Ok. The point of this entry is I hd a bad night & I want to wish my BFF Suria happy b'day!

P/S: Hope you like the new layout. It's been agesssss since I change it! Lolsss...


The Rambler said...

hey fairy, we definately have the same taste. I totally agree with the love movies thingy coz I think the same too! hahaha. The layout, it has been my blog's layout for quite sometime. I like it much!

fAirY said...

yup yup.. i can watch love stories non-stop, crying, laughing, etcc... juz love watching it.

sometimes.. all the time i wish i'm in those movies! lols... day dreaming! :p

the layout is nice.. i loike ;)