Wednesday, February 17, 2010

my long weekend :)

I had a good long weekend :)

Spend the day with a friend. Had a really good time :)

Lazying around at home. Had lunch with my bro at Old Town, ate yummy noodles & mini spring rolls.

Hang out with a friend at kopitiam.

The trip to Ipoh for my cousin's wedding. The wedding was okay. Most of my relatives were there & I haven't seen them for like 5 years! One of my cousin were married with 3 kids, and I have no idea! Hehehee... Sorry bro.. But your kids are really cute!

Came back the same day. It was tiring but fun.

Lazying around again! Hehehee... Later in the evening I went to Shah Alam with a friend.

So that's my weekend summary! I don't feel like blogging much right now coz I'm hungry! :p


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