Thursday, February 25, 2010


Someone told me that there is a copycat on the loose! This person copied one of my entries back in Nov'09. She changed few words, but 98% of it is mine. Can't believe there are people like this. The reason people write blog is to express your on feelings in your own words. Not copying someone else and claimed it is yours.

I read few of her post. She blog in Malay most of the time. When she actually use English, it is very minimal and average. I don't want to criticize her English level. But if she can copy someone else's blog, you go and figure out yourself how 'good' her English.

I'm not saying I have good English in writing or speaking. But at least I improved a lot by 'trying' and NOT 'copying'. This copycat people make us bloggers just want to keep our blog private.

See the difference?




The Rambler said...

how can people copy paste one's entry and claimed that it was theirs? pelik pelik...

Anonymous said...

tak nmpk pun ape yg dia tuliss fairy..nk sakt mata tgk..hahaha...
take care..daaa..muah muah..hhehe

Jessie said...

Yah i agree with your opinion. Blogging is jus talking about ourselves and our own things but not copy others' post.that was really unreasonable.I wonder why that people wanna did such things.Jus calm down dun care about this bother stuff girl! same as wad u said,im not means that my english is good or anything else,but at least we use our own ways to try and learn but not cheat and copying, that people was cheap!