Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm still waiting for a miracle to happen to ME! There are few things in life now that I really need some sort of improvements. Firstly and the most important for now is job hunting. If only I can get my hands on any accounts job will be fine. Even if it is just a part-time job. I need MONEY to survive.

Secondly will be my exam result. The result is coming out middle of August. Please please please tell me that I pass both papers. I need to pass this time.

Thirdly is my love life. Why why why I'm always unlucky in this section of my life? Arghh! Please God, let me meet and fall for someone that is real. I'm tired falling in and out of love. There are times that I don't feel like meeting someone new and it's becoming harder for me to trust a guy. I'm scared that the next guy is just the same as the previous ones.

Ok that's it. No more sad sappy story of my life. Enjoy the video below. It is really funny :)

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