Monday, July 27, 2009

i can be happy

How was your weekend??? Mine was great! :)

I spend Saturday morning cleaning up the apartment, my room & the main bathroom. It's squeky clean. Hehehehee.... In the afternoon, me & my housemates cook delicious lunch/dinner. We had Nasi Hujan Panas, Ayam Masak Merah & Dhal. Yummy! We invited a couple of friends over & had a great time!!! We even surprised Rina with a cake! It was her b'day & she was well.... SURPRISED! She didn't expect it at all. Another successful surprised ;) Serene & Nuar brought 2 big box of ice-cream & banana! Can you imagine how much fat we all consumed in a couple of hours???? Hahahahaa.. Plenty!!!

Sunday was a bit slow... I woke up early despite the fact that I slept at 3.30am talking with Serene & Nuar the night before! They came over around 5pm on Sunday for more hanging out & we watched a movie. It's a good movie, but very stressful! (Tasha lost most of her nails while watching this movie! Hahahahahaa...) OBSESSION, Beyonce in it. Highly recommended to girls.

As for today, I'm sitting on my bed while waiting for my friend Adura to reply my text. She came to Dublin for holiday & I'm suppose to meet her up for lunch. I think I got a minor headache coz I slept at 5am. Oh oh ohh.... I need to go for my daily shower & get ready.

But I'm still waiting for that certain someone to text me... Not Adura. Another person. Hurmm... Should I call? Damn I'm hungry!


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