Wednesday, October 24, 2007

MY Raya :)

Last night I posted few of my raya pics in Ennis. Hope you guyz enjoy the pics! :)

My 1st day of raya was great!!! I called my parents (didn't shed a single tear!!!! I'm becoming more and more THE good girl :P lol). The open house organized by HIM and bro Shukri went well. Should I say perfect? ;) The food was yummylicious! We had Satay Ayam, Rendang Ayam, Rendang Daging, Nasi Himpit, Lontong, Kuah Kacang, Pilau Rice, Dalca Sayur, fruits and raya cake!

Everything was so yummy! I eat 3 times!!! :P And each time I took 2 plates! Hahahahahhahahaaa.... It was so yummy! The Kuah Kacang tasted exactly like my mom's. I really miss her Soto Ayam, Ayam Masak Kicap and Laksa Johor. If only he can cook EVERYTHING! Teheheheheee.... I know I know I know... I'm too demanding! :P What not to demand when your bf is a chef? XD

Later that day around 7.30pm, ALL of us (2 cars) went to Galway to visit some friends. I keep on eating and eating and eating until my stomach feel like bursting! :P heheheheee... Went back home, sleep with my stomach full :D

I went back to Dublin on Sunday with Nana. It was a fun train trip for us :) Hope we do it more often. Probably to other places instead of small-town Ennis :P

My raya in Dublin started last weekend. I went to 3 open house on Saturday, and I eat a LOT in ALL 3 houses! I went to Jiha's place, Mira's and Marina's. I have to say, the best dish for that day have to be at Marina's! The yummy spicy noodles is the best! :) Love it!

On Sunday, I decided to clean up my super-messy room! NOW it looked like new. Hehehehee... I didn't go to Dawson House for their open house coz I feel tired (I cleaned up my room remember? :P). However I went to tasha's place later that day around 5.30pm for her nephews 1st b'day. Haziq was so little and cute! Tasha's mom cooked few yummy dishes. But my eyes are only on the Chicken Rice. The best Chicken Rice (after my mom's, sis's and Nico's :P) I ever tasted! I eat 2 FULL plates of it! Hehehehheheee... I think I gain few kgs with all this raya makan-makan! Gosh! ;)

I just noticed this entry which I planned to be short and sweet has become long and most of it is about raya dishes! Hahahaahahahahahahaaa.......... I think I better stop now. I need to get my lunch coz my stomach is singing rock & roll right now.

Until the next entry... Another weekend in Ennis with my love :)

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