Thursday, September 06, 2007

i'm addicted!

I'm addicted to Joe Perantau blog (I link his blog to my fav.). I've been reading it non-stop this past few days. Can you imagine I actually push away EVERYTHING to read his blog! I've stop watching Manjalara, I don't even watch the movie I got from MovieStar this time, I've been reading it during office hours non-stop! (I don't have any work by the way :P), I just can't stop reading it! I think he should write his own book, his own adventure, coz his blog is AWESOME! :)

His stories make me realize I'm actually living a better life. I know in the past I did mention about how unlucky I am etc etc etc... (No need to mention it here). From now on, I have to start appreciating every single thing that I own, accept my own mistakes, try hard to do the right thing, avoid the wrong-doings, and few others.

Neway, do read his blog if you understand Malay language ;) His adventure is far more better than ours. Trust me on this!

Hurmmm... On other things now... (don't forget to visit his blog! :P)

Just got back from work + quick shopping trip to BT2. So tired.......... My whole body is screaming for a good massage! Every morning since ... I can't remember.. I feel like someone kicked my back and my neck! It's very very xtremely hard for me to get up every morning. What's wrong with my body? I need a vacation!

Talking about vacation............ I'm going to Ennis tomorrow! :) Can't wait to see him! I miss him lots! I haven't pack anything. Hahahahaa.. I'm definitely bringing the new top I bought in BT2 just now! It is just so cute! I'm such a shopaholic! :P At least I don't feel guilty spending it which ever way I want, coz I earn every cents of it. I'm very proud of myself :)

I think I need to stop now. Will update the earliest Sunday night, and probably with some scenery pics! :)

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shle3pyb4by said...

babe!!!! OMG!!!
you really hooked up with the BLOG?! *wink*
Joe (if you reading this), you have an admirer!! *wink*
anyway, i didnt get the chance to read all of the posts yet, just few here and there.. been busy lately! *rolling eyes*
take care babe! enjoy ur weekends!