Tuesday, September 11, 2007

bZ LikE a bEe?

I've been bz like a bee this past few days. Updates on what I've been doing since Friday ;)

Friday 7th Sept
Arrived in Ennis around 8pm. He picked me up. So happy to see him! Eat nasi lemak! Nyum! Sleep!

Saturday 8th Sept
He got the day off! He spend the whole day with me! :) We had brunch at Glor (a really nice place! Love it!). Then we went for a walk around town. When back home, sleep coz too sleepy. Then me n him went to Galway! It was a 2 hour drive to Galway city. Abg Wan is our Pak Supir for the trip :P He called himself that! Not us! lol... We stopped at their friends place on our way back to Ennis. Eat xtremely yummy dinner of chicken curry, grilled chicken, fried veges with boiled rice. I watched Waris Jari Hantu, and I like the story :)

We arrived in Ennis around midnight. Abg Shukri was all ready to go clubbing. Me n Nico decided to sleep instead of joining them. Too tired walking around since morning. Plus I need to catch an early train the next day.

Sunday 9th Sept
I took the 11.45am train to Dublin. Coz he's working and need to be at his work place at 12pm. He send me off, and I didn't cry at all. I'm being HIS good girl again :) No worries.. I'm going to see him again in less than 2 weeks! His coming down next week Insyaallah.

Arrived home, eat, doing nothing, shower and sleep :P

Monday 10th Sept
I've decided to post an entry together with pics of weird statues I found in Ennis and Galway. And also some scenery pics on both places. But I didn't get the chance. Was working til 5.30pm, went back home and st8 away cleaning up my super messy room! Now it is good as new! XD Before I sleep, I watched Save The Last Dance. I've always love this movie. if only I can dance like that... hehehehhee...

Tuesday 11th Sept as in right now! :P
I have lotsa work to do and yet here I am updating my blog. Hahahahaaa... I've been wanting to post the pics I took last weekend. I'll post it either tonight or 2morrow. I'm meeting up Akma at last 2day :) She's arriving 2day like right now, 10.15am if I'm not mistaken. I'll meet her after work. Or probably during lunch hour ;)

Gosh! This entry is loooooooooooonnggggggg! With no pics! I'll put the pics ASAP. I promised ;)

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